Wax Melt Care Instructions

Was Melt Care Instructions

  1. Break off 1-2 wax cubes from the package, close the package to seal aroma
  2. Turn on electric warmer. If you have a tea light-light the candle and place it below the warmer dish
  3. Do not leave your was warmer unattended
    Keep was cubes and warmer out of reach of children & pets
  4. Never use cleaning products on the wax warmer as the chemicals may release harmful gases when warmed
  5. To clean the was melt from the warmer, wait until it is cooled and simply use your hand to pop it out of the dish
  6. You can also clean the warmer by turning it off and adding cotton balls to the dish while the wax is still liquid
    You can reuse your wax cubes for as long as the scent lasts